Understanding the Support Hub

The Support Hub serves as a central point of communication for all of the people you support using the Cognitopia Platform. Located in the Dashboard menu, the Support Hub appears once you connect with someone in a supporting role, like a student, child, or co-worker.

Click on someone’s profile photo to open the Support Hub options for that person:

Team Chat: Send a message to everyone in your Support Hub. This is a great option for communicating news, assignments, and changes to daily routines.

Support Team: Easily find the contact information (email and phone number) for the entire team of individuals supporting a single person.

Assistance Report: When assistance levels are manually rated at the task level, the data may be viewed at the in this window. To understand how to track and view assistance reports read this post.

Incentives: Set and track a real reward or behavioral incentive associated with a goal. Incentives are updated manually and typically set by a member of the support team.

MyLife: A one-click “view only” to the user’s MyLife account.

Goal Guide: A one-click “view only” to the user’s Goal Guide account.

Impersonate: When clicked, Impersonate brings you into someone’s account and gives you access on their behalf. Impersonation activity is tracked within the Notifications menu and may be downloaded for record keeping and visibility. Many of the benefits of impersonating a person’s Cognitopia account read this post.

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