Cognitopia Featured in Major College Special Education Textbook

Released earlier this year, the Second Edition of “Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities,” by Diane M. Browder, Fred Spooner, Ginevra R. Courtade, and Contributors is a commonly used textbook in special education teacher preparation  programs around the world.

Tools from the Cognitopia Platform for Self-Determination are featured in Chapter 16: Teaching Personal and Daily Living Skills authored by Dr. Josh Baker. Baker is an Associate Professor specializing in Early Childhood, Multilingual, and Special Education at the University of Las Vegas. 

In his chapter, Baker stresses the importance of enabling students to become more-active participants in their daily lives–by promoting self-determination and self-management using the Goal Guide and Routines tools to “take charge” of their personal routines.

Baker notes, “One way to encourage self-management of personal and daily living skills is through web-based applications. One example of a web-based application is Cognitopia ( Cognitopia (and other web-based applications) provides a natural outlet that allows individuals to navigate daily life as independently as possible; however, it allows teachers, parents, and other professionals to provide collaborative support.” Page 346.

Later in the chapter, Baker shows an example of how embedding videos into a routine can be used to easily adapt instruction to make it more personalized and individualized for a person’s unique needs. He also notes this advancement in modern technology allows the information to be more readily accessed by other individuals as it is shared across a variety of networks. 

For more information on Cognitopia’s innovative tools for self-management and IEP self-direction, go to

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