Goal Guide Saves Christmas and Other Cool Features

Each December, a bit of holiday magic blows down from the North Pole and brings Oliver the Christmas Elf to life. While all of our children are dreaming of sugarplum fairies and life-like wooden soldiers, Oliver cleverly hides his fluffy little body in a place that delights, yet challenges, the entire household come first light.

But, this year, the children have later bedtimes and are somewhat suspicious of Oliver and his nocturnal antics. Plus, to tell you the truth, Oliver has gotten lazy and a bit apathetic about playing all the reindeer games.

Oliver decided he needed a kick in his little green trousers.

So, Oliver logged into his Goal Guide account and set up a Category called “Elf on the Shelf”. Within that category, he created a repeating goal called “Hide Oliver Every Night”. Each night at 8:30pm, Oliver will receive a MMS reminder on his iPhone preparing him for his nightly jaunt.

Oliver MMS


To ensure Oliver is held accountable for his actions, he is required to submit a photo (this one was taken by the cat) in order to complete the goal. This will help him remember where he has already hidden and also give him a baseline for the next holiday season.


In his off months, Oliver can use the Goal Guide MMS feature for activities like remembering to take his seasonal asthma medicine, completing his physical therapy exercises, and even meeting milestones for his IEP at North Pole High School.

We hope Oliver’s success story inspires you to get creative with Goal Guide. Create your own account here.


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