Meet our Founder: Tom Keating

For over 25 years, Tom Keating has worked on developing technology to improve the capabilities of people with cognitive disabilities. This has ultimately led to the development of the Cognitopia Platform for Self-Determination, which fosters greater independence and better support.

In many ways, Cognitopia began when Tom became a primary caregiver for his brother James who experienced autism (read more in this story). James moved from their parents’ home in New York to live with Tom and another brother, Francis, in Eugene, Oregon in 1981.

This experience led Tom to obtain a M.A. in Special Education (1984) and a Ph.D. in Special Education and Rehabilitation (1993) from the University of Oregon. Since that time, he went on to secure over $12 million in federal monies from 31 grant-funded projects to support the research and development of self-management applications that led to Cognitopia.

Tom is currently a board member with the customized employment provider, Alternative Work Concepts (2017-present) and affordable housing non-profit developer Mainstream Housing (2012-present). He was also on the board of Oregon Community Support Brokerage during the time he was a sibling caregiver for James from 1999 to 2011.

Cognitopia continues to develop innovative applications to help people with cognitive disabilities, families, educators, and support staff and is dedicated to scaling its impact across the United States and beyond.

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