Using the New Routines App for Completing Tasks

The Routines app provides a way to show the steps needed to complete a task using text, images, or video. Use Routines when you want to support task accomplishment without needing to track progress data. You can create your own collection of routines or you can browse from a library of routines submitted by other Cognitopia users. And you can share your own routines to that same community library.

Getting Started

Routines are created one of four ways: (1) imported from an existing Goal Guide goal, (2) imported from a growing community of user-submitted content, (3) created within the app, or (4) copied and modified from an existing routine. (Note: Options 3 and 4 are not currently implemented but will be available soon.)

Categorizing Routines

By default, routines are assigned to one of the following categories: work, school, personal, home, and community. Within each main category, secondary and tertiary categories may be used to keep routines organized. These categories allow a user with limited or no reading ability to use the category buttons to locate and view the content they wish.

Converting Between Goals and Routines

Existing goals can be turned into routines and vice versa.

  • To convert a routine to a goal, simply open the routine and click the + New Goal button. Follow the steps in Goal Guide to add team members, reminders, and select an option for measuring progress.
  • To convert a goal to a routine, open the Goal and click Goal Details. Select the Convert to Routine button at the bottom as seen in the graphic below. Follow the steps inside the Routines app to create a new routine with the desired category and sub category.

Checklists and Assistance Worksheets

A routine may be downloaded as PDF file and then printed as either (1) a simple checklist or (2) as a checklist with an extra field to add assistance notes for each step.

Sharing Routines

Routines may be shared between users or submitted to the greater Cognitopia community. Before they are available to everyone, community routines are reviewed and approved for appropriate content and imagery by someone at Cognitopia.

Options for sharing routines, creating worksheets, and editing and deleting routines are accessed through the “three dots” menu located in the upper right-hand corner of the Routines app.

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